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Issuing time:2019-08-30 15:14

Performance characteristics

★ Full electronic control engine; a new generation of controller independently developed to optimize pump and engine power matching, low fuel consumption, high efficiency characteristics.

★ Select a new generation of control system, adjust the hydraulic absorption power intelligently according to the working conditions, optimize the system matching, and ensure the overall performance of the machine to give full play.

★ Humanized centralized and remote ground maintenance design makes maintenance more convenient.

★ The collision avoidance of cab and body can be avoided when boarding the car with assembled anti-collision beam.

★ In the development stage, the reliability of the whole machine has been verified for thousands of hours at the site. The key components, such as structural parts, hydraulic parts, slewing bearings, engines and so on, have been tested and verified under harsh conditions.

★ User evaluation: The whole machine works fast, efficiently and reliably.

Performance characteristics

★ The patented engine power adaptive system reduces fuel consumption by 19.7%.

★ Patented automatic clutch control system, "liberate" left foot, easy and efficient operation.

★ Patented electronic throttle clutch linkage extends the service life of clutch friction disc.

★ Patented edge-strengthening vibration wheel adapts to worse working conditions.

★ Patented heavy-duty driving axle makes braking safer and more reliable.

★ Based on the positioning and self-locking function of Beidou system.

Performance characteristics

★ The diesel engine is specially designed for construction machinery.

★ The three-stage drive rear axle is equipped with the company's patented "non-slip differential".

★ When the front axle is driven alone, the scraping accuracy can be improved; when the front axle and the rear axle are driven simultaneously, the traction force of the whole machine can be increased to adapt to various harsh road conditions.  

★ Synchronized and sensitive hydraulic system for double pump and double loop operation.

★ Full hydraulic brake system, equipped with imported brake valves and pressure limiting valves.

★ Full hydraulic front wheel steering, small turning radius, flexible.

★ It is equipped with French "F Green" glass, which can prevent ultraviolet radiation.

★ Heavy blades can increase service life by 100%.

★ Front frame integral hot pressing forming, numerical control welding.

★ Liuzhou ZF gearbox.

★ Moving console, more safe and comfortable operation.

★ Worm gear box with overload self-protection.

Performance characteristics

GTC080 651 is a fully rotary, six-section telescopic boom-type, pilot-operated, emission-compliant truck crane product developed on the basis of digesting and transplanting domestic and foreign advanced technology and combining with our company's innovative technology. Its special chassis, hydraulic system, constant power plunger variable system, U-shaped lifting arm, synchronous telescopic system, safety device and performance of the whole machine fully reflect the advanced, reliability, economy and efficiency. The comprehensive performance index of the whole machine is in the leading level in China.

★ It is the first truck crane in the same industry to have six-arm 80t crane with arbitrary expansion.

★ It is the first multi-stage cylinder expansion technology, and can make the strength of the lifting arm and the stability of the whole machine to achieve the optimal match.

★ Variable amplitude adopts self-weight decentralization technology.

★ The length, turning radius and arm sweep radius of the whole machine are the best in the same tonnage of the same industry.

★ It meets the requirements of CE safety technical standards.

Performance characteristics

Chassis adopts first-class domestic Dongfeng Tianjin.

★ The selected folding arm crane has large lifting capacity, large operating radius and high efficiency.

★ The whole vehicle has the cleaning function, which can quickly clean the garbage truck and garbage can.

★ The vehicle is equipped with sewage absorption function, which can absorb the storage sewage from the outer barrel of the garbage bin.

★ The garbage bin has the function of automatically compressing garbage.

★ Double-sided electronic control operating system can operate self-unloading lifting and back door switch functions in the cab.

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