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On September 4, 2019, the 15th China (Beijing) International Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery and Mining Machinery Exhibition and Technology Exchange (BICES 2019) will be grandly opened in the new pavilion of Beijing China International Exhibition Center. At that time, the world's top construction machinery manufacturers and industry cafes will come together for a feast! Shandong Linwu is a leading and world-renowned engineering machinery enterprise in China. It will bring 12 star products such as loaders, excavators, road machinery and mining vehicles.

Create value temporary work with whole-hearted and complete service

Standing in the environment where opportunities and challenges coexist, only by upgrading homogeneous product competition to systematic solution competition, and then to the competition in the whole value chain, can enterprises truly remain invincible.

Since its establishment in 1972, Shandong Lingong has been consistently focusing on the manufacture and research of engineering machinery and equipment for 47 years. Guided by the brand concept of "Reliable Bearing and Heavy Trust", Shandong Lingong has built a complete set of product integrated solutions with customer-centered and wholehearted upgrade services in the process of continuous transformation. At present, Shandong Lingong has been able to provide a complete cluster equipment application program for mining, earthwork, coal yard, construction and underground operations and other related industries.

While building the whole industry value chain, Shandong Lingong has developed into a global advanced group enterprise. This exhibition, Shandong Lingong "loading, digging, transportation and leveling" and other complete sets of equipment will be shocked on the stage. Loader lineup includes L955FC, L968F, L975F, LFT30; Excavator lineup includes ER616F, E655F, E6225F, E6500F; In addition, B877F excavator loader, RS6260 roller, G9290 grader, MT95H mining vehicle and other products will be fully displayed.

Adhere to the product as the root, build the value chain as the core competitiveness, visit the exhibition site, you will be able to fully understand the reliable strength of Shandong Lingong "comprehensive solution of construction machinery".

Found responsibility for temporary work with the red mission of not bearing the original intention

In the aspect of creating user value, Shandong Lingong keeps expanding and innovating; in the aspect of fulfilling social responsibility, we need to stick to it firmly and attack the fortifications in depth. Since the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, fighting against poverty has become the goal of the people of the whole country, with "mobilizing all sectors of society to greatly alleviate poverty" as the working pattern. Shandong Lingong, who grew up in the old Yimeng District, has the responsibility and obligation to shake the banner of "fighting poverty" together with the Party and the state.

In 2018, Shandong Lingong formally launched a three-year "Red Love" precise poverty alleviation campaign. Shandong Lingong Red Emotion Precision Poverty Alleviation Action is a precise hematopoietic poverty alleviation action jointly participated by relevant parties in the whole industrial chain. It strives to help the people of the old areas get out of poverty at an early date and go to a well-off society through the three levels of "helping people, supporting industry and supporting projects".

In 2019, the "Red Love" campaign has been upgraded, the support system has been improved, the support measures have been clearer, and the support coverage has been wider. On the basis of the past, it has both inheritance and innovation. It lasted half a year and traveled more than 30,000 kilometers through four old red areas of Zunyi, Jiangxi Ruijin, Xibaipo, Hebei and Yimeng, Shandong Province. Through theoretical and practical training, more poor people were guided to enter the construction machinery industry.

Precision Poverty Alleviation Action of Lingong Red Emotion in Shandong Province in 2019

Three Highlights

1. Training Skills

Improve the professional skills of the poor through theoretical and practical training.

2. Employment opportunities

To create more employment opportunities for the poor through the construction of anti-poverty bases;

3. Starting a business to help

Through the measures of mentor guidance, entrepreneurship partnership system and business support, we can help the poor achieve entrepreneurship and prosperity, and guarantee the thorough transformation of poverty genes.

During the exhibition, the awarding ceremony of "Red Emotion" Precise Poverty Alleviation Action in Lingong, Shandong Province, will be launched warmly in the same period. On the scene of the award ceremony, Shandong Lingong will commend and reward the poor people who have shown outstanding performance in the "Red Love" campaign. In addition to providing professional and reliable free vocational qualification training for the poor and issuing state-recognized employment qualification certificates, we will further intensify our efforts to help them grow into entrepreneurs who can extricate themselves from poverty by donating directly engineering machinery and equipment. In addition, during the exhibition, there are a series of exciting links such as user prize-winning interaction, online winning gifts and so on. We look forward to your participation.

BICES 2019 will be launched soon

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