Industry's first six, veteran VS upstart! Trinity will appear in BICES 2019

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      From September 4 to 7, 2019, the 15th China (Beijing) International

Construction Machinery Exhibition (BICES 2019) was held in Beijing.

      As the world's leading construction machinery manufacturer, Sany takes

"the era of wisdom, dream of China" as the theme of the exhibition. In the

2800_booth, Sany brings a new "Guo VI" product to the global audience, as

well as the perfect experience of intellectualization and digitization.

      In this exhibition, 314 highlights show the brand image of self-confidence,

innovation, intelligence and internationalization.

      Industry first! New Country VI Equipment Concentrated Appearance

      As a leader of the industry, during this Beijing exhibition, Sanyi will issue

four brand-new equipment of "Guo VI" standard at one go, all of which are

the first in the industry and have a good view.

      Among them, SY412C-10W, the industry's first "National VI" emission

mixer, and STC250T4, the "Heavy Duty Vehicle" upgraded SY412C-10W,

which made a big show at the 10th anniversary celebration, are both

environmentally friendly and smart "hard core" equipment.

      On September 4th, they will meet 150,000 professional audiences and

nearly 100 media in the exhibition area of Sany to showcase the splendid

style of "China's Intelligent Manufacturing".

      At this moment, look forward to your testimony.

"Oldest" VS "Latest", Let Time Witness Value

      The latest intelligent, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment is amazing, while the oldest "meritorious veterans" are more

worthy of respect.

      At this Beijing exhibition, the first self-developed 37-meter pump car of New China will come to the capital for the first time to pay tribute

to the 70th anniversary of the National Day.

      No. 0383102, excavator veterans who have served in Heilongjiang for 16 years will also appear in Trinity exhibition area, competing with

the latest and strongest 75 tons of mining king.

      Want to see the grandeur of "Made in China Living Fossil"? September 4, to the exhibition stand 31.

      Ten core spare parts are exhibited independently! Controllable!

      Compared with previous years, the public's attention to the industry's

"neck-jamming" problem is obviously better.

      For this reason, 10 advanced spare parts such as Trinity Intelligent IO

Module and Configurable Hydraulic Controller were exhibited, showing

the development achievements in this field from various angles.

      Not only in terms of hardware, the control programming of these

spare parts is also written by independent LM software, which is "pure

homemade" from inside to outside.

      On September 4, we came to Sany exhibition stand to experience the

strength and charm of the domestic core accessories "autonomous and


      The highest popularity! The undisputed king of popularity

      As the popularity king of all previous Beijing exhibitions, it can be

predicted that from September 4 to 8, the Trinity exhibition area will be

crowded with guests, the popularity of the booth, everywhere are guests

coming from afar! __________

      Strong equipment, many beautiful women, many surprises, and beautiful

activities! The popularity of the Trinity booth is also in everyone's expectation!

      As the closing work of this year's large-scale industry exhibition, the

strong participation of Trinity will use excellent performance to convey the

hot development trend of the industry to the public. Transfer positive energy

for the healthy development of Chinese manufacturing.

      September 4, 2019, S212 exhibition area, we are not separated!

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